Chance Brown Biography, Age, Weight, Height, And Net Worth

Chance Brown Biography, Age, And Net Worth

Chance Brown is a well-known American basketball coach, social media personality, and ex-police officer in Los Angeles. He was born in 1979. After marrying “Tabitha Brown,” he rose to prominence as a well-known American actress and model. He worked as a civil servant in the United States for 15 years.

After retirement, he went on to coach basketball. He also teaches kids how to play basketball. He is also well-known on social media, as he regularly posts images of himself, updates and photos from his basketball team, and films from games. Here we will discover Brown Age’s chance, early life, family, education, career, and Net Worth in 2022.

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OccupationBasketball Coach, Social Media Personality, Ex Former Civil Servant
Famous AsAmerican Basketball Coach
Age42 years
Zodiac sign
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Net Worth6-7$ million

Height, weight, and physical Status

Chance Brown is a lean and fit basketball player who coaches students and plays with his squad. He has also worked as a police officer, so he has a superb physique. His height is around 5’11” or 180 cm or 1.80cm, and he weighs approximately 75 kg. Chance has shared several photos and videos of himself instructing his students in basketball.

Height5.11 inch
Hair colorblack
Eye colorBlack

Who is Chance Brown?

Chance Brown is an American celebrity best known for being Tabitha Brown’s spouse. She is an actress and social media star from the United States. She makes web videos that combine veganism, comedy, and motivational speaking. Furthermore, Chance Brown works for the Los Angeles Police Department as a police officer. Tabitha Brown’s husband is Chance Brown. Tabitha Brown is a performer and internet media personality. Chance can also be seen with his better half Tabitha on her weekly recordings titled “Friday’s With Tab and Chance.” Chance Brown’s age nuance is inaccessible. His date of birth is also unknown. He could be in his thirties at this point.

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source – Chance Brown

Chance Brown Relationship family:

There isn’t much information on Chance Brown’s family members, such as his mother, and his father’s name is unknown. However, in October 2020, he posted on Instagram that his mother is very passionate about dance and wants to pursue it as a career. Still, she is unable to do so owing to family obligations.

He also mentioned that her grandparents passed away while her mother was only 16. Chance’s mother is also his lone parent, as his father abandoned his mother after she became pregnant. His mother worked extremely hard to care for him on her own. He also gave his mother a car, which she was thrilled to receive.

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Chance Brown’s Wife and children:

Tabitha Brown, Chance Brown’s wife, is a well-known American actress, public speaker, and social media celebrity. Chance was previously married to another lady with whom he shares a daughter before marrying Tabitha. Chance and Tabitha first met in 1988, and after that, they began meeting and eventually dating. They dated for a long time and focused on their careers and jobs. Finally, in April of 2003, they tied the knot.

Choyce Brown and Question Brown are Chance Brown and Tabitha Brown’s son and daughter. Choyce, like her mother Tabitha, is an actress and model who has promoted and modeled for several well-known brands. She is also featured in several magazines. She is a gifted artist as well as a diligent worker.

Facts about Chance Brown:

  • Chance Tabitha Brown, Brown’s wife, was born in Stoneville but grew up and attended school in Eden.
  • She came to Los Angeles with her husband in 2004 and tried stand-up comedy.
  • Brown had been caring for her mother for three years.
  • She started hosting All Love on Ellen Digital Network in late June 2020.
  • Chance’s profession as a police officer should have netted him a sizable fortune.
  • He now has approximately 93k Instagram followers.
  • What is the key to achieving true success? “I took a Chance, I made a Choyce, and now I’m on a Quest,” Tabitha Brown would tell you.
  • Brown, you see, had always wanted to be an actor, but it appeared for a while that life—which includes becoming a mother to daughter Choyce and son Quest with husband Chance—had gotten in the way.

Chance Brown Career:

Chance Brown had a strict upbringing because his father abandoned his mother after she became pregnant with him. His mother, on the other hand, looks after him. Chance worked at a few places after finishing his studies before joining the police force. He worked as a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for several years.

Chance was a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department for 15 years before retiring on June 30, 2021. He didn’t stop after quitting, and because he has a strong passion for basketball, he began tutoring children aged 8 to 13 in the foundations of the game. Team-Chance is the name of his team.

He also uses Instagram to post images of himself and his team playing and practicing basketball, and his account has over 110k followers. He does, however, have a website where he sells his stuff, such as T-Shirts and Hoodies. He also has a YouTube page where he uploads basketball videos of his students.

source – Chance Brown


  • His Instagram account has almost 102 thousand followers.
  • His YouTube account has over 5.07K subscribers and counting.
  • His profession is that of a basketball coach.
  • He continues to post photoshoots on Instagram.
  • He enjoys attempting new things.
  • He continues to share his incredible photographs on Instagram.
  • It is trendy due to its stylish appearance.
  • He has a lot of social media clout.
  • It promotes a variety of manufacturers.

Net Worth of chance Brown:

Chance Brown is undoubtedly a well-known figure, as seen by his thousands of followers on social media and his appearance on his wife Tabitha Chance’s “Fridays With Tab & Chance” show, which was streamed on IGTV. Her admirers express questions through chat options during this broadcast, and she responds.

Although there is no exact information regarding her earnings or net Worth, Chance Brown’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million or more (Approx.).

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