Genevieve Mecher Age, Parents, Net worth, Date of Birth

Genevieve Mecher Age, Parents, and Net Worth

In this post, we are going to tell you about Genevieve Mecher, Genevieve Mecher age, Genevieve Mecher parents, and Genevieve Mecher net worth.

Genevieve Mecher was born and raised in the United States. Therefore, she is an American citizen of white ethnic origin. She was raised in a kind and welcoming atmosphere. Similarly, her father and mother reared her with a great deal of affection and attention. Jen Psaki is her mother’s name. Her mother, Jen Psaki, is a CNN contributor and Vice President of Communication and Strategy in the United States.

Full NameGenevieve Mecher
Date of birth2015
Mother NameJames R. Psaki
Age7 years

Genevieve Mecher Age 

Genevieve Mecher was born in the United States, and the year of her birth is 2015. She is 7 years old.  however, the specific day of her birth has not been disclosed yet. Gregory Mecher and Jen Psaki are her mother and father. She was born to them.

Mecher is an American citizen, but it is unknown what ethnic group they belong to. Due to the lack of precision in her birth date, it is also impossible to determine her zodiac sign. Genevieve was born to James R. Psaki and Eileen D. Medley, and she is their grandchild.

Mecher is most likely enrolled in a primary school; nevertheless, her family and her parents do not discuss the specifics of her education, including the name of her school or any more information.

What does Genevieve Mecher do?

Genevieve Mecher has not yet begun her career because she is still too young; however, her mother began her political career in the 2000s while working on the campaigns of Tom Harkins for US Senate and Tom Vilsack for Governor. Genevieve Mecher has not yet begun her career because she is still too young.

Following that, she was chosen as the deputy press secretary for John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004, and she was promoted to communication director for the United States. In 2012, she took on the role of spokesman for the Department of State and continued her work as press secretary for President Obama’s campaign to be re-elected.

Similarly, her father is a deputy finance director by profession. He began his career in politics after serving as the student representative to the Board of Regents as an undergraduate and securing an internship with Ken Lucas. The latter was then a representative for Kentucky in the House of Representatives. In addition, he has held the position of chief of staff for Representative Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts and Congressman Steve Driehaus of Ohio.

Genevieve Mecher Parents:

Jen Mecher, Genevieve Mecher’s mother, received her bachelor’s degree in literature from the College of William and Mary, where she also competed in the competition for undergraduate students. Both of her parents are professionals in the same industry; her mother is a kindergarten teacher, and both of her parents are mechanical engineers.

In a beautiful ceremony on May 8, 2010, her parents tied the knot at Woodlawn Farm in Ridge, Maryland. In attendance at the event were members of their family as well as a close cousin. Her family now lives in Virginia, where they care for two children younger than five.

Genevieve Mecher Net worth:

As a result of the fact that Mecher has not yet started her professional career, there is no information available on her net worth. However, her mother’s profession as a businesswoman provides her with a sufficient salary and allows her to supplement that income with earnings from various sources. Because of this, it is believed that Jen’s net worth is somewhere around $2 million, with her higher pay contributing to this growth.

On the other hand, several reports claim that she makes around $183,000 from her firm, in addition to earning between $76,000 and $237,000 in her role as vice president of communication and strategy. In addition, her remuneration for each episode is an average of $74,000, making her a CNN contributor.

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