Jolyne Cujoh Biography, Age, Strength, Durability, Height, And Power

Jolyne Cujoh Biography, Age, and Height

In this post, we will tell you about Jolyne Cujoh’s biography, age, strength, durability, height, and Power.

Jolyne Cujoh was born in 1992. She was 19 years old when she died. Jolyne Cujoh is the protagonist of the sixth part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean, and the sixth JoJo in the series. She is the daughter of an American lady and Stardust Crusaders’ protagonist Jotaro Kujo.

Full nameJolyne Cujo
Age19 years
Father nameJotaro Kujo

Jolyne Cujoh Height, weight, and physical Status:

Height174.5 cm
Weight58 kg
Hair colordark blue with lime green
Eye colorGreen

Jolyne Cujoh Biography:

The manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has an extensive cast of characters developed by Hidehiko Araki. The series is divided into eight segments, each of which focuses on a different descendant of the Joestar family. Parts 7 and 8 occur in another continuity from the first six. Numerous individuals possess magical talents that provide them with various distinctive qualities.

Jolyne Cujoh Background:

Daughter of Jotaro Kujo, she spent most of her childhood without a father figure due to her father’s constant travel. At age 14, her adolescent life started to fall south when she was identified as a suspect in a crime she did not commit and stole a motorbike to evade an officer. 

She and her mother protested her innocence and urged Jotaro to bail her out when she was wrongfully accused of committing the crime, imprisoned, and kept in a holding cell. She was ultimately committed to juvenile jail because he did not believe her.

As a result of her mother’s divorce from Jotaro, Jolyne’s frustration with his departure grew. She soon became a Hell Riders motorcycle/carjacking group member and spent more time in danger. At age 19, after cleaning up her act and leaving the gang, she went on a date with the affluent, preppy Romeo. 

Romeo and Jolyne were involved in an automobile accident while traveling home, Romeo having tragically struck a pedestrian. Romeo, concerned that he would be prosecuted with reckless driving and dismissed off a university’s waiting list, decided to remove the body and dispose of it, convincing Jolyne to assist him and forget the whole episode. A few days later, though, Jolyne was located and detained at her residence.

Jolyne Cujoh Power and Abilities:

Stand-Free Stone: A close-range strength Possessing numerous uncommon abilities, Stone Free may not be as powerful as her father’s Star Platinum, but it can still do significant damage with only a few blows. It may unravel Jolyne’s body into a significant quantity of string that can be used to capture enemies, eavesdrop on distant conversations, remove limbs, patch wounds, or even make clothing. The most considerable length of string that she can make is 24 meters.

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Fighter: Unlike most Stand users, Jolyne may independently injure Stands. She often employs martial arts tactics to subdue her opponents.

Cunning and Intelligent: Similar to her great-grandfather Joseph Joestar, Jolyne often overcomes her foes by outwitting them with `crafty techniques using her Stand.

Jolyne Cujoh Strength

  • A policeman’s ear was severed with a thread.
  • Beat an opponent via a fence with Stand.
  • Gold is capable of being crushed by Stone Free.
  • The strings of Stone Free may alter the trajectory of projectiles.
  • The string may cover a whole jail hall.
  • She punched a guard with such force that she fractured her arm.
  • Stone Free was capable of deflecting meteorites.

Jolyne Cujoh Speed:

  • Prevented a bullet from striking her.
  • Jolyne was able to evade incoming fire.
  • Captured a baseball thrown by Foo Fighters in time to prevent it from striking another prisoner.
  • Over 1000 baseball throws in just seconds.
  • She was being bombarded with trash being hurled at her at bullet-like velocity.
  • Avoided a kick from someone who could avoid Stone Free’s attacks.
  • Prevented Enrico Pucci’s punch from striking her.
  • Avoiding Rikiel’s Rods, which move at 200 kilometers per hour.

Jolyne Cujoh Durability:

  • Susceptible to significant blood loss.
  • Withstood Star Platinum’s blows.
  • Withstood receiving an impact to the stomach.
  • She survived having her organs removed.
  • Survived being buried alive by venomous frogs.
  • She endured having her shoulder chewed off.
  • Survived being hit by small meteors that reached 3000oC in temperature.
  • Survived a direct blow to the abdomen.
  • A survivor of a helicopter crash.

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