Katiana Kay Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Net Worth in 2022, And Career details

Katiana Kay Biography, Age, Weight, and Net Worth

Katiana Kay is an American model, TikTok celebrity, YouTuber, and social media influencer born on February 23, 2002. She was born under the Pisces zodiac sign and is an American citizen. She is 20  years old. She presently resides in Miami, Florida, in the United States.

She is well-known worldwide for sharing dance and trend videos on social media. Her Instagram account has over 760k followers. She’s from Arizona, and her parents are from Mexico and Colombia, respectively. She’s also multilingual. She went to a nearby private school and is now a university student. She is an entrepreneur who started her smokable hemp product called “Bay Smokes” in addition to modelling.

source – Katiana Kay
Famous AsModel
Age20 years ( as of 2022)
Zodiac signPisces
OccupationInstagram Model & CEO
BirthdayFebruary 23, 2002
BirthplacePhoenix, AZ, USA
NationalityAmerican ( parents are Mexican & Columbian
Marital statusSingle
Net worth$3 million (approx)
HometownMiami, USA

Height, Weight and Physical appearance:

The actress Katiana Kay is 5 feet and 1 inch tall and weighs 48 kg. However, even though her body is ugly and slender, she is a charming model in the history of American OnlyFans. According to her, when it comes to her physical appearance, Katiana has a pale complexion, brown hair, and brown eyes. Her physical dimensions are 34-28-34, including her chest measurement of 34 inches, a waist measurement of 28 inches, and a hip measurement of 34 inches.

source – Katiana Kay
Height5 feet 1 inch
Skin colourOlive
Eye colourBrown

Katiana Kay Wiki:

Since she came to Arizona, she’s lived with a Christian family in Arizona who reared her in Utah. The names and other personal details of her parents remain a mystery.

Follow her for a while, and you’ll learn that she is a person of mixed ethnicity (Mexican and Columbian). Her ancestors are from Mexico and Colombia, respectively. Consequently, Katiana is proficient in both Spanish and her mother tongue.

Katiana is a well-known social media personality with an estimated $2 million in personal wealth. She has made a livelihood as an Instagram model and one of those stunning social media stars. Instagram and Facebook have made her a household name in the United States and other nations worldwide. Katiana’s social media presence increased, and she now has a sizable fan base.

source – Katiana Kay

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For Kate to maximise her time, she has no time for a significant other. To concentrate on her profession as an Instagram model and spend as much of her leisure time working out as she does the shopping, the 19-year-old didn’t seem interested in dating.

Who is katiana kay?

Katiana Kay is a model and influencer who rose to prominence due to her social media posts. Katiana is a multilingual native of Arizona with parents from Mexico and Columbia. She is enthusiastic about assisting people and expanding her e-commerce company. She is most known for her cheery demeanour in her video content and is highly active on her social media channels. She is expected to develop rapidly over the next several years since she is just getting started and has already accomplished so much at such a young age.

source – Katiana Kay

Katiana Kay Early Life:

Katiana Kay was born on February 23, 2002, in Arizona, in the United States of America. In the year 2022, she will be 19 years old. She is originally from Arizona, but her father and mother are from Mexico and Columbia, respectively, and she is fluent in several languages, including English and Spanish. A Pisces by birth, she had dual citizenship with both Mexico and the United States until moving to Mexico in 2009. She is an Instagram influencer and CEO by profession. She was able to amass a sizable following on her social media platforms quickly. 

source – Katiana Kay

Katiana kay Education:

In terms of her education, she completed her school research in a public school in her fatherland through reading. Kay received her diploma from the excessive faculty in the year 2020. She didn’t say anything about her plans to join a university or if she was already a member.

source – Katiana Kay

Katian Kay family:

Her ethnicity is Mexican-American. Even though her mother was born in Columbia and her father was born in Mexico, she is fluent in both languages due to her parents’ immigration. Although Katiana hasn’t provided much information about her parents, it’s possible that we haven’t questioned her enough. In contrast, she has a significant social media audience.

source – Katiana Kay


2022 is proving to be the most pleasing and most fortunate year of her life. Katiana Kay rose to fame this year and established herself as a model’s golden star. Her career at Uts is only getting started. She has also established herself as a media influencer. Her debut video, which she released in June 2021, was on Tiktok. 

Katiana kay also needs to handle all of her social media profiles, and she quickly gains a large number of social media followers. As a result of this move, she has begun a modelling career. On her social media platforms, she has many followers and positive feedback.

She has also launched a Twitch account, where she shares her premium material, and premium videos with her paid and subscription followers and her admirers. She has a lot of live videos with one of her favourite fans.

Katiana kay is a two-piece model and is best known for the Bikini shot. Katiana Kay is an Instagram model who utilises other social media platforms to generate and market her online content, such as Instagram, TikTok, and OnlyFans. Katiana recognises that her modelling career is finite. Therefore she has launched Bay Smokes, a smokable hemp business endeavour (baysmokes.com). She is also an investor in real estate.

source – Katiana Kay

Katian Kay’s Relationship status:

Katiana is a well-known worldwide fashion model, instructor, and designer from the United States. After many years of working in the profession, she has developed a significant male fan base on social media. Her modelling career has taken off because of her creative haircuts, catwalk performances, and fashion displays under her “KatianaKay” brand. Still, some of her followers may not be aware that she is presently dating an American entrepreneur after recently being photographed out with William Goodall at Fashion Week.

For the time being, her relationship is kept a secret. She is, nevertheless, most likely in a good relationship. She gets a large number of messages daily due to her stunning appearance. However, there is evidence that she is dating William Goodall. They also have a YouTube channel called Will & Katiana. The channel has almost 6000 subscribers as of September 2022.

source – Katiana Kay

Katian Kay Net Worth:

Katiana Kay is a well-known biracial model and social media influencer. Aside from that, she is also a businesswoman. She is the proud owner of her company. Kay effectively controls and manages e-commerce, according to a source. She never speaks about her earnings. However, besides social media structures and OnlyFans, she makes money from modelling. Katiana Kay has a net worth of 1 million dollars as of 2022.

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Katianakay Social Media accounts:

Katiana Kay is a Tiktok user with the handle @katianakay7. She’s also on Facebook, although her profile isn’t public. Katiana goes by the handle @katiana on Instagram. She’s also on Twitter, where she goes by the handle @katianakayy.

Katiana is also active on YouTube, where she hosts and presents. She also uses Snapchat from time to time. Her Twitter handle is @addkatianakay. She also has a free account on OnlyFans, where she goes by the handle @KATIANAKAYFREE. She also has a paid account with OnlyFans under the moniker @katianakayprivate. She also has a Twitch account, which she uses under the moniker @katianakayy.

source – Katiana Kay

Katiana Kay Facts:

  • Katiana was born on February 23, 2002, in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was raised by Christian parents in Utah before moving to Arizona.
  • Zoadic sign of Katiana Kay is Pisces.
  • Over the years, Katiana has built up a devoted fan base on Instagram, amassing a following of over 766k people.
  • YouTube celebrity Katiana has a successful channel where she shares her travels and fashion ideas with her viewers.
  • Katiana is the brains behind the KM Katiana fashion label.
  • Katiana is a fabulous fashionista, constantly keeping up with the newest trends.
  • Because of her attractiveness and profusion of images, Katina Kay has a devoted fan base on social media.
  • She’s an expert in social media marketing, and she utilises it to promote your company.
  • On social media, Katiana Kay’s only fans leaked video is viral.
  • Her superb sense of style can assist you in developing a distinctive business identity.
  • The video of Katiana Kay has a lot of views on YouTube.
  • As a model, Katiana is in full swing. TikTok’s 3.7 million followers and Instagram’s 7.6 million admirers are proof of her popularity.
  • The epitome of chic.
  • “Bay Smokes” is the name of Katiana’s company, which focuses on selling and distributing marijuana.
  • On Onlyfans, the press, and a variety of other channels, Katina Kay promotes her online material.
  • Katiana Kay’s onlyfans account is quite popular, and she is highly active on social media.
  • Her social media posts, including videos and photos, are often seen.
  • She is a fashion blogger and a social media star, as well.
  • Photographer.
  • Katiana is a big fan of shopping.
  • Katiana has a passion for exploring new places.
  • Katiana enjoys going to the gym to work out.

Awards and Achievements in career

Katiana Kay is an Instagram model who uses other social media platforms to generate and promote her online content, such as Instagram, TikTok, and OnlyFans. She was able to amass a sizable following on her social media platforms in a short period.

Katiana recognises that her modelling career is finite. Therefore she has launched Bay Smokes, a smokable hemp business endeavour (baysmokes.com). She is also an investor in real estate.

source – Katiana Kay

Frequently Asked question:

Who is Katiana Kay?

On Twitter and Instagram, Katiana is a famous influencer and model. Katiana’s fame isn’t based on her fame as an actress or singer but rather because she’s renowned for posting images of herself in her bikini. When it comes to leaving your mark online and attracting attention, the wilder, the better is how things are going right now – even if it seems like an anachronism in today’s world.

Katiana was born in what year?

On February 23, 2002, Katiana was born in Arizona; she is a fashion model and online sensation who gained fame on Instagram at 12. In her junior year, Katiana attended Pine Crest School in Miami, Florida, where she was a swim team member.

What is Katiana’s height?

In terms of stature, Katianna Kay stands at a tall 5’2″.

What ethnicity is Katiana?

Katiana is a mixed-race woman who identifies as both Mexican and Colombian. He arrived in America in the late 1970s, and her mother was still living in Colombia when she was born. Due to this, Katiana grew up speaking Spanish, English, and French at a high level.

How much money does Katiana have in the bank?

One of the most prominent Instagram personalities is this American Instagram model, which has over $2 million reported net worth. Her parents, both of Portuguese descent, are natives of California. She was born and raised in New York City, where she attended Southeastern University. Katina Kay’s academic credentials were an associate degree in Marketing and a diploma in International Business & International Trade.

Who is Katiana’s Boyfriend, exactly?

Online, she has several male admirers. However, she is presently in a relationship with her boyfriend, William Goodall; she is dating William Goodall, her boyfriend.

What is the name of Katiana’s Instagram account?

Katiana is a talented swimsuit model who aspires to be the next big thing in the business. “Katiana” is the name of her Instagram handle. Her Instagram presence has attracted the attention of many high-end swimwear labels, and she’s been reaching out to tens of thousands of potential customers at a time. With just one video published so far, we’re confident that this former Miss Delaware USA winner will swiftly climb to popularity in the modelling profession as she achieves more notoriety for herself on YouTube!

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