Sam Skarsgard Biography, age, physical appearance, and Net Worth

Sam Skarsgard’s forever, And Net worth

Samuel “Sam” Kristoffer Ymer Skarsgard is a Swedish actor, producer, and physician. On June 5, 1982, Sam Skarsgard was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He is a member of the famous Skarsgard family, including numerous members who work in the film business. 

He is the son of Stellan Skarsgard, a well-known actor, and My Skarsgard, a physician. His brothers are actors Alexander Skarsgard, Gustaf Skarsgard, Bill Skarsgard, and Valter Skarsgard. 

Eija, his sister, is his other sibling. He grew up in Stockholm and followed in his mother’s footsteps to become a doctor, whereas most of his siblings pursued careers in the entertainment industry. 

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Sam has only starred in one film, the 1987 adventure comedy ‘Jim & piraterna Blom.’ He’s also worked as a body double for his brother, Gustaf, in the 2002 fantasy thriller ‘The Invisible’ and as a production manager on the short film ‘Skuggvärld.’

Famous AsSwedish actor, producer, and physician.
Age39 years
Zodiac signGemini
BornJune 5, 1982
BirthdayJune 5
BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden
Marital status
Net worth$5 million

Sam Skarsgard Age, Weight, and Height:

Sam is 39 years old. He is 6ft 4ins (1.96m) tall and weighs roughly(62kgs). He has short brown hair and brown eyes 

Weight62 kg
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorblue

Who is Sam Skarsgard:

Samuel Kristoffer Ymer Skarsgard was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 5, 1982, to Stellan Skarsgard and his first wife, My Skarsgard. His father has worked in European and American productions for over five decades. His mother practiced medicine.

Sam Skarsgrd followed in his mother’s footsteps and became a doctor. He is a physician by training and has worked in a Stockholm hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

Sam, like his brothers, is a talented performer in addition to his vocation as a professional doctor. Over the years, he has been in a few films.

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He co-starred in the family adventure film “Jim & piraterna Blom” with his father in 1987. He played his brother Gustaf’s body double in the fantasy drama ‘The Invisible’ in 2002. Sam has also worked on the short films “Att döda ett barn” (2003) and “Skuggvärld” (2005).

Sam Skarsgard Education:

Sam went to a local primary school in Stockholm, and although his brothers had already shown an interest in acting and had started performing in school plays, Sam had different ideas. He enjoyed practicing his guitar, playing video games with his pals, and playing soccer. Sam continued to play soccer throughout high school and was a member of his squad.

He enrolled in college after matriculating in 2000 and received a Bachelor’s degree in 2004.

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Sam Skarsgard Career:

Sam is his mother’s only kid and, like his mother, is a physician who works in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at a hospital in their hometown of Stockholm.

He is a dynamic actor who has been in several films over his career. He first appeared in the entertainment industry as a youngster in his father’s co-written 1987 film “Jim & Piraterna Blom.” He appears with both of his parents as a bit of a kid in the movie.

He played his brother Gustaf’s body double in the fantasy drama ‘The Invisible’ in 2002.

Sam Skarsgard also worked on the short films “Att soda ett barn” (2003) and “Skuggvarld” (2005). Sam Skarsgard’s other direct siblings chose their father’s profession.

Gustaf Skarsgard has starred in films such as ‘Evil’ The Way Back’ and ‘Kon-Tiki,’ as well as the history of the channel series ‘Vikings and the HBO series ‘Westworld.’

Bill Skarsgard is most known for drawing Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the Stephen King adaptations ‘It’ and ‘It Chapter Two.’

Valter, Sam’s brother, is also an actor and Twitch Streamer, and Eija, Sam’s sister, is a former model and social media sensation.

Alexander Skarsgard started performing at seven and left after six years.

He returned to acting after serving in the Swedish military, and his first appearance in a US film was in the comedy Zoolander.

In 2008, he portrayed serviceman Brad Colbert in the ministry Generation Kill.

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It is unclear because no information on Sam’s educational history is available in the public domain. Since he is a doctor, we can ensure he attends medical school.

Sam Skarsgard Family and personal life:

Sam Skarsgard was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 5, 1982. Stellan Skarsgard, his father, has been an actor for over five decades. He is best known for his roles as Jan Nyman in ‘Breaking the Waves,’ Prof. Gerald Lambeau in ‘Good Will Hunting,’ Bootstrap Bill Turner in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,’ (2006), and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,’ (2007), and Bill Anderson in ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,’ (2008). (2018). He received the Silver Berlin Bear award for ‘Den enfaldige mördaren’ (1982) at the Berlin International Film Festival, the Outstanding European Achievement in World Cinema award in 1998 for ‘Amistad’ and ‘Good Will Hunting,’ and the Amanda Awards (Norway) in 2010 for ‘En ganske snill man (2010).

My Skarsgard, Sam’s mother, is a doctor. Sam is the only one of his siblings who has followed in his mother’s footsteps. Alexander, Gustaf, Bill, and Valter are his four brothers, while Eija is his sister. Stellan and I split up in May of 2007. Stellan married Megan Everett, his second wife, two years later, in January 2009. Sam has two half-siblings, Ossian and Kolbjörn, via them.

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His older brother, Alexander Skarsgard, rose to prominence after playing Eric Northman in HBO’s fantasy drama ‘True Blood’ (2008-14). He went on to star in films such as “Melancholia,” “What Maisie Knew,” “The Legend of Tarzan,” and “Hold the Dark.” Gustaf, younger than Alexander but older than Sam, plays Floki in the History Channel’s ‘Vikings series (2013-present). Sam is the youngest of three children. Sam’s younger brother, Bill Skarsgrd, is also an actor who has appeared in films such as ‘The Divergent Series: Allegiant and the espionage thriller ‘Atomic Blonde.’ Valter Skarsgrd is Stellan and My’s youngest child. He has acted in films such as ‘To Kill a Child,’ ‘Arn – The Knight Templar,’ and ‘Arn – The Kingdom at Road’s End,’ among others. Eija, Sam’s only sister, used to be a model.

Alexander describes the Skarsgard family as a “village.” The home fueled his and his brothers’ inventiveness as they grew up. They’ve spoken extensively about their personal lives. Their parents had dinner parties often and frequently had visitors stay with them.

Pat Metheny, Sam’s wife, is a musician. She has attended several events with her spouse and the rest of the Skarsgard family.

Sam Skarsgard Sibblings

Alexander Skarsgard, Bill Skarsgard, Eija Skarsgard, Gustaf Skarsgard, and Valter Skarsgard are Sam’s siblings.

His older brothers are Alexander Skarsgard and Gustaf Skarsgard.

His younger brothers, Bill and Valter Skarsgard, are his younger siblings, while Eija Skarsgard is his younger sister.

However, his parents split in May 2007, and Sam’s father married Megan Everett in January 2009. Sam has two further half-siblings from his father’s second marriage, Ossian and Kolbjorn.

Sam Skarsgard Relationship status:

Sam tries to keep the specifics of his personal life out of the spotlight, although it’s commonly assumed that he’s married now. According to online reports, Sam is married to his college love Pat Methany, with whom he exchanged vows in 2006. Pat is also a physician, and the couple has opted not to have children right immediately to concentrate on their jobs; since they’ve been together for over two decades and haven’t had children, some of Sam’s admirers assume that one of them is infertile.

Some people are skeptical of the claims about Sam’s marriage and think he is homosexual, although this has yet to be proved.

Sam Skarsgard Hobbies and interests:

Sam enjoys traveling and has visited several European nations for business and pleasure, with Germany, France, and Italy among his favorites. He’s also called Los Angeles, California, in the United States, and Tokyo, Japan.

Sam is an animal enthusiast who owns two dogs, and his favorite animals are lions and tigers.

He enjoys late-night movie viewing, and his favorite actors and actresses are Johnny Depp and Julia Roberts, with “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Notting Hill,” and “Runaway Bride” among his favorite flicks.

Sam Skarsgard’s net worth

According to Idol Networth, Sam Skarsgard’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million as of October 5, 2021.

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