Shaun So Biography, Age, Weight, Height, and Net Worth

Shaun So  Age, And Net worth

Shaun So is the CEO and managing partner of The So Company. He is an American military veteran and entrepreneur. He is also the spouse of Anna Chlumsky, an American actress. His parents were immigrants from Asia.

Shaun spent eight years in the US Army as a special counterintelligence agent. He spent almost three years as an intelligence analyst for the US Department of Military and three years as a defense contractor with ‘McNeil Technologies.’ Shaun started his own business after leaving the service. 

He co-founded Cubby, an urban logistics start-up that failed after just a year. He then founded The So Company, a content-driven service design firm currently focused on increasing revenue and improving its strategy for improved service. After years of a long-distance romance, Shaun married Anna Chlumsky, his undergraduate sweetheart (due to his military duty). The couple has two daughters together.

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Famous AsEntrepreneur
Age42 years old
Zodiac signLeo
BirthplaceThe United States
Marital statusMarried
Net worth$3-4 million

Shaun So Weight and Height:

Shaun So is a tall man, standing at roughly 5 feet 9 inches.

His physical dimensions are 35-29-36, which indicates his chest is about 35 inches, waist is around 29 inches, and hips are all around 36 inches. His eyes are black, and his hair is black as well.

Hair colorbrown
Eye colorBlack

Who is Shaun So?

Shaun was born in the United States of America in 1980. Shaun is 42 years old. He finished his studies in a private school and received his high school diploma from his hometown. His academic qualification is a diploma. He is an American veteran, entrepreneur, celebrity partner, and Internet personality well-known throughout the globe.

Shaun So Early life:

Shaun So is a well-known American affluent celebrity. He is also a member of the Army Reserve and has spent numerous years serving the country. ‘The So Company’ is his company, and he is the founder and CEO. 

He is a beautiful individual who does a lot in a short period, including becoming India’s most prosperous businessman. So, on this page, all fans may learn about Shaun’s bio, wiki, and lifestyle. Those familiar with Shaun So Wiki should continue to read this page.

Shaun So Career:

Shaun So started his work as an intelligence analyst with the Defense Intelligence Agency of the United States federal government in 2003. From June 2003 through April 2006, he worked for a government agency. From July 2006 through March 2009, he worked as a military contractor for McNeil Technologies. Meanwhile, Shaun worked for the US Army as a special counterintelligence agent from October 2003 until 2011. Shaun headed the squad for local and foreign combat activities. He was also a sergeant on a tactical intelligence team.

Shaun So was the co-founder and CEO of Cubby, an urban logistics start-up, from June 2011 until April 2012. Shaun describes the pop-up business as an “urban personal logistics firm” and says he got the idea after seeing his wife carry numerous bags with her for work, and he had trouble handling the baggage when the two met. The pop-up business offered short-term luggage storage, allowing visitors to freely tour the area while keeping their belongings with Cubby for a fee. 

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However, the business failed after a year. He was a Forbes contributor from May 2012 until December 2014. He contributed articles to the American business journal on various topics, including entrepreneurship, veterans, and business. Shaun has been the CEO and managing partner of The So Company since April 2012. Large government organizations and tiny start-ups in the United States and Europe are among the clients of the content-driven service design firm. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the US Department of Veterans Affairs are two of the company’s customers.

Shaun So Personal life and family:

Shaun So was born in the United States in 1980 to Asian immigrant parents. Although his actual birthday is unknown, other accounts claim he was born on January 1. Except that he comes from a Chinese family, nothing is known about his family history, parents, siblings, or early life. He enrolled at the University of Chicago in 1999. 

In 2003, he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. Meanwhile, in 2001, he studied Mandarin at Tsinghua University and underwent language immersion programs. He then enrolled at the City University of New York to get an MBA.

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When they were both students at the University of Chicago, he met Anna Chlumsky during a campus party in 2000. Because of Shaun’s military career, they had a long-distance romance for years. Shaun served in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2006. He returned safely from Afghanistan in January 2006, and he proposed to his lady love while on leave in May of that year. They were ultimately engaged. 

In October of 2007, Anna announced their engagement. On March 8, 2008, they married in Brooklyn, New York, in a private wedding ceremony attended by family and close friends. Penelope Joan So, born in July 2013, and Clara Elizabeth So, born in August 2016, are the couple’s two children.

Shaun So Relationship:

Shaun and Anna initially met in college in 2000 while watching a Questlove De La Rose show. Shaun proposed to Anna after many years of dating and asked her to be his wife.

Because Shaun was in the army, it was difficult for the pair to preserve their connection, but they overcame all challenges.

While they were dating, Anna said that she was lonely and that no one ever understood how she felt.

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When Anna informed people that her partner was in the military, they looked at her with pity, as if she were someone from the 1980s.

Anna did concede that, given her line of work, having a long-distance relationship with someone in the military was not an option.

However, she never lost trust in her love and was always there for Shaun.

Shaun So Education:

Shaun finished elementary school at his birthplace in the United States and went on to the University of Chicago in 1999.

In 2003, he graduated with a BA in Political Science. He also attended language immersion lessons, studied Mandarin at Tsinghua University in 2001, and then went to the City University of New York to get an MBA.

Shaun So Net worth:

Shaun retired from the military in October 2011 after eight years of duty and founded Cubby in the same year. His business, however, failed after approximately 11 months.

Shaun has also been a Forbes writer for over three years.

He founded The So Company in 2012, where he focuses on increasing income and developing strategies to improve public service.

Shaun describes The So Company as an entity that encourages his curiosity and never-ending quest to comprehend things on the official website of his organization.

Family comes first, according to Shaun. Following family comes curiosity, and finally, a job.

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Shaun So’s net worth as the CEO of a corporation easily exceeds a million dollars. Shaun has a net worth of over $1 million in 2021.

However, since he has not spoken openly about his finances, this is simply an estimate.

On the other hand, his wife, Anna Chlumsky, has a significant net worth of $3 million.

Shaun So Married life, Wife, Anna Chlumsky

Shaun returned home on break in 2006 and had an opportunity to ask Anna to marry him. Anna accepted Shaun’s proposal, and the two were engaged.

College love was now becoming a full-fledged romance. Shaun returned home safely after Army service in Afghanistan in 2008. The pair decided it was time to tie the knot.

They married at a small wedding with just the couple’s closest friends and family in attendance.

Anna and Shaun surprised everyone by hosting two separate weddings with different themes.

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Shaun’s Asian heritage and customs were celebrated in one of the rituals.

Anna was dressed in a crimson Cheongsam, a traditional Chinese dress for important occasions. Shaun was dressed in a suit.

The other ceremony honored Anna’s western heritage and traditions.

Shaun donned a three-piece suit with a silver tie, while she wore a white wedding gown.

Anna and Shaun had a great time celebrating their love with close friends and family on both occasions.

The couple had their first child, a girl, in 2013. Penelope Joan So was chosen as her name.

Anna informed the press after the birth of their baby that Penelope was a wonderful blend of Shaun and her.

In 2016, the couple had their second daughter Clara, Clara Elizabeth So.

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