Tasha McCauley, Age, Weight, Height, and Net Worth

Tasha McCauley, Age, And Net worth

Joseph Gordon-wife, Levitt’s Tasha McCauley, is an American actress and Director. She is a successful scientist and the CEO of Fellow Robots, a robotics firm on the professional front. Tasha has always maintained a low profile and seldom speaks to the press. She seldom appears in public and rarely speaks about her famous spouse. 

Though she is active on social media sites such as Twitter, she does not provide anything about her personal life. However, she is unafraid to speak her mind when it comes to business and robotics. 

This highly certified scientist has attended various scientific conferences, seminars, and talk programs worldwide. Tasha is also active in several charitable activities. Her spouse Joseph claims that she strikes the right balance between her career and personal life.

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Famous AsJoseph Gordon-Levitt
Age38 years old
Zodiac signLeo
Occupationbusiness person
Marital statusMarried
Net worth$10 million 

Tasha McCauley Weight & Height:

Tasha McCauley’s body is shaped like an hourglass. She is 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall and weighs around 117 pounds (53 kg). Her silky black hair and innocent blue eyes are her most prominent features. While her shoe and clothing sizes are unknown, we know that her bust, waist, and hips are all 34-24-35 inches.

Hair colorBlack 
Eye colorblue

Tasha McCauley Early life:

Tasha McCauley was most likely born in the 1980s in Los Angeles, California. While we couldn’t uncover a precise date, Tasha McCauley was born in 1983, according to Tuko, an online magazine. If this is right, her age as of her 2021 birthday will be about 38 years old.

Before she became an adult, her family was another lost piece of knowledge about her. Only a photo of Tasha McCauley and an unidentified male, whom she said was her brother, could be found. Tasha posted the picture on Facebook in 2012. The picture is seen below.

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Tasha McCauley Career:

During her time at Singularity University in San Jose, the robotics engineer began her career as a teacher. Because we know that McCauley’s professional career has revolved around robotics engineering, it’s still unclear why she went into the arts for her first degree.

Tasha McCauley was already showing promise in creative technologies by graduating from university. As a result, she was appointed to the Singularity University faculty as the Director of the Autodesk Innovation Lab. She was most likely engaged in Autodesk’s 2D and 3D designs and other technical opportunities.

Asha McCauley claims to be a co-founder of Fellow Robots (now Fellow AI), a robotics firm situated in Silicon Valley’s NASA Research Park. Fellow Robots specializes in artificial intelligence, computer vision, IoT, retail technology, and robotics. It has well-known investors, including Fortune 100 businesses. According to her LinkedIn page, she worked for the firm from 2011 until 2014.

In 2014, Tasha McCauley joined GeoSim Systems, a business that specializes in smart city modeling. McCauley most likely joined the firm because it allowed her to use her robotics experience in various projects, including 3D city models and 3D objects. She joined the company’s board of directors in 2017 and was named CEO in 2019.

Tasha McCauley Education:

Tasha McCauley started elementary school in Los Angeles and transferred to a different primary school in Santa Monica two years later, in 1987. Tasha McCauley then returned to school in Los Angeles in 1991, enrolling at Open Margaret Charter School. She then returned to Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica, where she completed her early schooling. She went back and forth between schools in both locations for a few years.

Tasha McCauley graduated from Crossroads High School in 1996 and continued her studies at a university. While McCauley did not continue her childhood practice of changing schools, she often changed disciplines in higher education.

Her first degree was a Bachelor of Arts credential from Bard College in New York, earned in 2004. One would expect Tasha McCauley to continue to pursue her artistic talents, but she had other ideas. She was accepted to Singularity University in San Jose, where she studied robotics engineering. Tasha McCauley earned her certification as a robotics engineer in 2011.

She did, however, get a master’s degree in Business Administration at the Marshall School of Business in 2014. The University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business is a business school.

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Tasha McCauley Personal life:

Tasha began her professional career in 2010 as an assistant professor at the ‘NASA Research Park campus’s ‘Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Track.’ This facility is located in San Jose, California, on the campus of ‘Singularity University.’ Her lectures focused on the fast development of robots and the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

She was named Director of the ‘Autodesk Innovation Lab’ at ‘Singularity University the following year. Tasha became a co-founder of ‘Fellow Robots,’ a company situated in ‘NASA Research Park,’ in the same year.

Tasha left ‘Fellow Robots’ after three years to work as the Director of Business Development at ‘GeoSim Systems,’ a firm that builds virtual representations of cities. She’s also on the ‘Ten to the Ninth Plus Foundation,’ which promotes global technological growth. Tasha was a panelist at the Kairos Global Summit in October 2014. She was a guest speaker at the ‘Web Summit’ in Lisbon, Portugal, in November 2016.

Tasha specializes in the design and prototype of robotics software. She lectured about ‘telepresence robots,’ the newest technology in the area of robotics, at a technical symposium. Tasha’s robots are employed in the retail and transportation industries. Her net worth is estimated to be approximately 35 million dollars.

Tasha McCauley’s Relationship with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Tasha McCauley is a California native. She had to go back and forth between Los Angeles and Santa Monica as a youngster. She is trilingual, speaking English, Spanish, and Arabic fluently. Tasha has worked as a New York fireman.

Tasha’s romance with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has long been a secret. Joseph has appeared in films such as “Snowden,” “Inception,” and “500 Days of Summer.” They kept their relationship so private that the news of their wedding came as a shock to many people. They had never talked publicly about their romance or said anything about their engagement.

Several publications claim that the pair have been seeing one other since 2013. This suspicion arose when Levitt claimed that he was engaged to someone but did not share the person’s identity. They had met via a mutual acquaintance, and it was subsequently discovered.

After exchanging wedding vows in December 2014, the pair finally made their public debut. They now live in Los Angeles and are loving being parents to their two kids, who were born in August 2015 and June 2017, respectively.

Tasha has attended various charity events with her hubby. She made an appearance at the 5th ‘Annual Hilarity for Charity Variety Show’ in October 2016. Tasha and her husband even performed at the occasion.

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Tasha McCauley’s Net Worth

Tasha McCauley’s net worth is believed to be millions of dollars. While it isn’t exactly chicken feed, it pales compared to her husband’s $35 million wealth. Her yearly earnings, on the other hand, are unknown. They own a $3.25 million house in Los Angeles, California, consisting of a 1940 vintage-styled three-bedroom condominium on a 3,771 square lot.

Tasha McCauley Facts:

Tasha McCauley and her husband, Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt, were born and raised in Los Angeles.

In 2020, she will be 37 years old, born in 1983.

Tasha McCauley attended roughly six different schools throughout her youth for unclear reasons before graduating from Crossroads High School in 1996.

Her first degree was a bachelor of arts from Bard College in New York, earned in 2004.

In 2011, she earned her robotics engineer certification from Singularity University in San Jose.

She taught students, was enrolled as a faculty member and was designated as the Director of the Autodesk Innovation Lab while at Singularity University.

Tasha McCauley is a co-founder of Fellow Robots, a robotics firm situated in Silicon Valley’s NASA Research Park.

In 2014, she joined GeoSim Systems, a business that specializes in smart city modeling. She also acts as the company’s CEO.

Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt and Tasha McCauley married in December 2014. Together, the couple has two boys.

In 2014, she and her team created Helo, a telepresence robot.

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