The murder trial of Curtis Reeves, who is accused of killing a guy  texting in a Florida movie theater, is in the midst of jury selection  and voir dire.

 Reeves, a retired Tampa police captain, shot and killed a man over  a cell phone quarrel at a matinée movie in Pasco County in 2014.

On Friday, Curtis Reeves’ murder trial took an emotional turn when the defense invited Reeves’ son and daughter to testify.

Curtis Reeves’ daughter, Jennifer Shaw, took the stand to inform the  jury that her father’s health and abilities were deteriorating.

Curtis Reeves was freed on a pre-trial bail seven years ago after the altercation in the theater.

Curtis’ lawyers stated in the court that he should be free to go wherever he wants without wearing his ankle-monitoring band.

The defense, on the other hand, has depicted Reeves as a frail elderly  guy who was forced to shoot a much younger Chad Oulson because he scared  him.