Sofía Isabel Jirau González (born March 26, 1996)

Sofía Isabel Jirau González is a Puerto Rican model with Down Syndrome.

Jirau was born on Puerto Rico to Frankie Jirau and Mimi Gonzalez. She’s the second eldest of four children.

Jirau began working as a model on March 26, 2019, her 23rd birthday. Since then, she has modeled for top designers.

On February 10, 2020, the 24 year old Puerto Rican model made her debut at New York Fashion Week.

Jirau is one of the few models with Down syndrome who has managed to participate in the important fashion event.

Her debut was covered by dozens of media outlets around the world, including Vogue Mexico, People, Hola!, Univision, etc.

Jirau became an entrepreneur in 2019 by launching an online store, which  is named "Alavett", based on her favorite phrase "I love it", where she  offers clothing, accessories, and home products. She also dreams of  becoming an actress.

Currently, Jirau works as an Experience Ambassador in the Puerto Rican  company INprende, which has served as Jirau's supporter in fulfilling  her dreams.